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Eurobio develops, manufactures and markets reagents used for research and biomedical diagnosis. Eurobio is committed to developing innovative products that address the needs of research laboratories and diagnostics.

 Eurobio was founded in 1962 in France, by a renowned scientist, Dr. Réveilleau, a pioneering and challenging spirit. Passionate about science, he anticipated the needs of research and started his company 50 years ago in a small Parisian warehouse under the name of Eurobio.


To meet the growing demand of laboratories for specialized products, Eurobio has developed its own production unit. The increase in activity was such that the company settled in Les Ulis near Paris in 1989 in the industrial area of Courtaboeuf; which is now the operational headquarters and the production unit for cell culture, molecular biology and biomedical diagnosis.


“Expert by experience” is our leitmotiv. Eurobio has two operating divisions: Life Sciences and Diagnostics managed by high-performing staff. The specialized nature of our line of products demonstrates our commitment to fulfilling your expectations to always deliver high-quality products, services and support. 


Eurobio is working closely with scientists in research institutes including CNRS, INSERM, INRA, CNEVA, alongside life science companies, universities, hospitals and medical laboratories.