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ORF Genetics is a pioneer in the manufacturing of growth factors and other recombinant proteins in plants. The company’s ISOkine™ and DERMOkine™ human-like growth factors are produced in the company’s proprietary Orfeus™ system in barley, bypassing the use of bacterial or animal cell systems.

The company is offering its unique ISOkine™ growth factors for various medical research, cell culture media and diagnostics. The company’s DERMOkine™ growth factors are specially developed for the cosmetics industry for the formulation of effective high-technology products.
We promise unprecedented purity of our products. The use of the unique Orfeus™ production method in barley seed, ensures that our products are biorisk-free, allowing our customers to enjoy easier regulatory clearance with animal-free, serum-free and endotoxin-free growth factors. This is what we call the next level of assurance.


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