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Founded in 1991 and developed from a small laboratory, Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy is one of the largest Chinese manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic test. Wantai is located at Zhongguancun Life Science Park - the biotechnology heart of Beijing. Wantai is a private company which belongs to Yangshengtang Group.


We operate and maintain domestic and international diagnostic reagents business with  ELISA kits and rapid test for clinical diagnosis of human infectious diseases and for screening of blood donors. Our main customers are blood banks, hospitals and clinics, reference laboratories, border inspection centres, blood-processing companies and research institutes.

Markets: Wantai is the largest supplier of HIV and HCV ELISA in China. 

In China, Wantai has over 350 clients within the blood banking market sector. 3000 hospital are also clients of Wantai. The company has developed and currently maintains the largest sales network for supply of blood screening reagents in China. Our sales force is over 100 people and we have established business relations with more than 200 diagnostic distributor companies in China.


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