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Novamed has become an important player in selected markets by combining user need for a particular application with a cost-effective product. Such products include the patented and FDA approved DipStreak® and Diaslide® culture devices for rapid diagnosis of urinary tract infections and NovaStreak® for detection of microorganisms present in food and dairy products.

The principal improved feature of New Novamed's Universal Urine Specimen Container is a unique flip-cap for easy and safe access for bacteriological sampling. The urine collected in this device can be transferred, using the sampling ports, to the appropriate testing devices: evacuated tube for chemical analysis and bacteriological analysis devices (sterile loops, dipslide, Diaslide DipStreak).

Novamed's Uni-Sep and Uni-Sorb line of products have modernized procedures for lymphocyte isolation and separation. Our ECM-coated culture ware has become the standard for growth of adhesion-dependent cell lines.


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